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Re: translating man pages,need cvs access

--- Khaled Hosny <dr dot khaled dot hosny at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I'm interested in translating man pages and Mohammed Sameer offers
> help.
> Now we have the man pages converted to *.po files and we need to
> import them to cvs, but I don't know where to import them - actually,
> Mohammed will do that as I have no cvs access -, so I need to know the
> right place to import them , also I think i need cvs access if I'll be
> the maintainer of that project otherwise some one should maintain it
> and I'll send the translated files to him.

Khaled, the fact that you were able to translate those manpage
to .PO is a great sign.  We can start a completely new project
for you to undertake given you are fully committed to maintain it and
take true ownership of it (which I think is a non-issue for you).
So do please give me a few days to set this up and we'll be in
contact in private to get you going (with the project page setup
as well as CVS access, etc).  If you can get on IRC that would
help as well...

As noted, give me a few days to set this up and we'll be in
contact - do please collect the various files you'd like to
import to CVS, generate a nice looking logo, apply for an arabeyes
account (if you haven't done so already) and mail me the info
privately and we'll go from there.


 - Nadim

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