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Re: Wordlist in Wiktionary

--- Isam Bayazidi <ibayazidi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I don't think that the license of the Wordlist should change, but what I am 
> hoping for is a permission to use it under FDL.. let Wordlist continue as 
> you see fit, or double license it.. after all what matters the most is to 
> have the effort utilized while maintaining the freedom of Free Software. And 
> this is what FDL is about when it comes to documentation, as GPL is for code

Personally I am all for this - the two people that should really decide
and are to be consulted are Ahmad Al Rasheedan and Ossama Khayat.  Since
Mr. Al-Rasheedan was/is involved in wikipedia I don't think he would
mind and I'm sure Ossama will go along as we all share the same goal of
spreading our beloved Arabic language given all things equal.

In short, you won't see/hear me oppose this but this is not my decision to
make (I'm just trying to sway the direction ;-) I would as is noted above
at least make ONE exception and ask that wiktionary to note the exception.

Hope that helps.


 - Nadim

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