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Re: Wordlist in Wiktionary

--- Isam Bayazidi <ibayazidi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Well.. basically they are 2 different licenses, and it isn't possible to 
> have the GPL Wordlist put into the GFDL Wiktionary because the 2 licenses do 
> not allow freely re licencing or moving the content between the different 
> licenses, approval from authors or the copyright holder is a must.

That not withstanding, what are the differences which makes they
"incompatible" and what are some of their drawbacks - in other
words what is it that you gain/lose with one vs. the other ?  As
noted, I read (via google) all sorts of opinions and wanted to hear
what people on this list think and what the Wikipedia crowd believes.

Simply put - what would we lose if this GPL license became GFDL for
the sake of argument ?  M.Sameer ?


 - Nadim

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