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call for gnome

Salam all,

I really want to revive gnome translation, but gnome became SO big, I
can't do that lone, and I don't want to do it alone.
On the other side having a partner who criticizes you and who helps
you and kicks you etc... is a great feeling I don't want to miss to be
So does anyone want to help me getting a little bit of live into gnome again?

For the newbies:
Translation is VERY VERY hard, it's SO HARD you'll have headaches
after your second day of translating. And then only slowly you'll get
into the process.
You don't get anything after translating some 500 messages. Only the
happiness of doing something good.
Many who started gave up very early sometimes too early so beware... 
But thr reward is IMHO great!

ok if someone wants to join the fun...