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Re: CVS: translate/mandrake Conventions used..?

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Salam Ahmad,

I just checked the translation. There's still a small problem with your KBabel
settings (the mail is address is en at li dot org while it should have been
support at arabeyes dot org)

There's also that final string (msgid "Check jobs that are done") for which I
suppose your started translation and then simply forgot to finish it ;-)



Youcef R. Rahal

fixed that header thing, finished the file...

Ossama Khayat, noted on IRC that i should ask for the translation of
"<control> Q"...?
i just copied it as it is... is that the right way to do it...??
anyway i have a few more...
- Resolution. -> Qarar ?
- Path -> Mamarr or Tareeq ??
- Entry -> Segell ?
- Where is the KASRA on the Keyboard..???

whats next..?


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