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Re: Arabize Linux with Arabeyes :-)

Yeah I am willing to help, please point me to your resources and lets
get started !

Am Don, den 11.03.2004 schrieb Youcef Rabah Rahal um 18:27:
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> Salam,
> I have just sent the message below to the 10 persons who registered lately for 
> an account with us. I'll send it to ~20 other people in the coming hours.
> It is also directed to all the persons on this list. You simply change the 
> first sentence 'You have recently subscribed for an Arabeyes.org account' to 
> 'You are subscribed to this mailing list' :-)
> Please read it thouroughly and give us a hand.
> Regards,
> ====
> Salam,
> You have recently subscribed for an Arabeyes.org account and thus showed
> interest in our mandate and goals.
> As you know, our main goal is to provide the Arabic user with an open source
> system that fully supports the Arabic language. One way to achieve this is to
> translate the many open source projects out there, or at least the most used
> and the most famous of these projects.
> Currently we are involved in the localization of 6 projects. However, the
> projects that need an urgent contribution are:
> 1/ KDE           http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=KDE
> 2/ GNOME         http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=GNOME
> 3/ MandrakeLinux http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Mandrake
> And we might be involved in the very near future in other projects.
> We also translate a list of English words into Arabic, in order to provide
> among other things an open source English->Arabic dictionary:
> 4/ Wordlist http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=Wordlist
>    See also:
>    http://www.arabeyes.org/project.php?proj=QaMoose
>    http://qamoose.arabeyes.org/
> There are only a few translators working on a regular basis on these projects.
> To be precise, there are no more than ~3 active translators per project. They
> are doing as best as they can to translate the enormous amount of
> untranslated messages (for example, on the GNOME project, ~20 000/50 000
> messages have been translated).
> However, with ~10 translators working on GNOME, each one of them translating
> 100 messages/week, we can for example finish the GNOME project in less than 7
> months (to be compared with 2 years since we started to work on the project,
> due to the lack of a sufficient number of active translators).
> Now, you may ask, is the task of translating 100 messages/week easy to do ?
> The answer is of course YES ! And the most important is that you can
> translate that great amount of messages and you'll continue to be able to
> volunteer in other parts, either with Arabeyes if you find something that
> interests you, or in any other field.
> How is that possible ? Simply by dedicating 20 minutes/day, 5 days/week !!!
> Indeed, in 20 minutes (such a short period), you can translate, in average, 20
> strings. If you do that 5 days/week, you can thus do your 100 messages/week.
> Now you may wonder how come there are not 10 translators to do such an easy
> task ? We unfortunately don't have an answer for that question... There are
> more than 300 persons who registered for an account with Arabeyes.org and
> then they simply vanished. If only 10% of these people join in to translate
> 100 message a week, we'll finish our translation projects in a few weeks !
> Which will allow us to enhance the quality of the available translated
> projects and eventually get involved to translate new ones. The most
> important thing here, is that together we can share the work and get it done
> faster.
> Now, what you must remember is that wether your interests lie in development,
> in artwork or in any other field, you can continue to do that. You'll simply
> dedicate 20 min everyday. And you'll find that the requirement to do that job
> are rather easy:
> 1/ Knowledge of Arabic and English.
> 2/ Less than an hour to read the documentation and get familiar with the
> translation tools and with CVS (if you are not already familiar with them,
> that is).
> That's all ! Is that hard ? Sure it is not.
> So, if you are interested, please reply as soon as possible to this email and
> let us know, so we can assign you a file to translate (if you wish, you can
> also tell us what project from the 4 enumerated above you want to contribute
> to).
> Please remember that your volunteering work is vital to the community. We are
> all volunteers working on our spare time in order the make the dream for a
> full Arabic-aware Linux distribution, a REALITY !
> Salam,
> PS: If you will to help (which we really look forward to), you can:
> 1/ Read and follow the guidelines of the Translator Guide:
>    http://www.arabeyes.org/download/documents/guide/translator-guide-en/
> 2/ Start exercising yourself by translating this test file and sending it back
> to me by email:
> http://cvs.arabeyes.org/viewcvs/*checkout*/translate/mandrake/Attic/krozat.pot?rev=1.1
> Thank you beforehand.
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