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Re: pango patch is in

> > How have you been doing lately?
> We have missed you ;-)

I'll be absent for some more time ;) So be patient with me ;)

> > at the end of this week the last files will be uploaded and I'll write a
> > detailed mail.
> So, I suppose at the end of this week you'll be back for good ? If so, can you 
> please also make a small list of ~ 20 GNOME files that can be assigned to new 
> translators ?

Well not really, as said in an earlier mail I'll make the cvs upload to
both trees and write a status report plus a "what has to be done" report
but I'll be absent for some weeks maybe two to three...

Have I missed something? Do we have new translators? I mean 20 files are
huge!, it would be great if we have some fresh blood!!! I didn't take a
look at my mailbox lately, so I am sure I missed something!