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Re: KDE Translations and Sync's

On Yau al-Thulatha 11 Jumaada al-Awal 1425 02:07 pm, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:
> Salam,


> To Munzir:
> Since you and your team are currently working on KDE and to avoid
> potential conflicts, I would like to propose the following:
>   - Announce modules you will be working on (allowing others, if they
>     wish, to work on the modules you are not working on)
>   - Perform a 'cvs update -dP' daily, before beginnig translations

You are right. I will stick to the high priorities first,

Once finished, I will announce again. However, if any one ( brother Waleed 
Fathalla e.g) is interested in a particular program from the above mentioned, 
I will be very happy to release it.

> I will be performing daily sync'd (or every couple days, let's see how
> much stuff is being done on a daily basis), which is mainly why you need
> to be doing cvs updates.

Today we initiate the first commit. I want to clarify something regarding 
commiting with my account as you may have noticed. This is just because it 
caused me some headache. Let me explain so you won't think I am cheating. I 
thought first to configure the network so every on can commit from his PC 
directly with the help of pre-defined aliases which I need to put in each PC 
to make the job easy. The first problem I got is the network configuration, 
the network failed in all of the PC except one. Not the available DHCP server 
nor the the static IP works fro me. After some trials, I diagnosed it to 
driver modules though not sure and decided not to waste more time on this. I 
really have a lot of things to do.

Then, I tried to login using their account from my PC but it turned out even 
after a new export with their accounts it doesn't accept it and revert back 
to my original account. Trying to add users also appear to me as if I need to 
checkout a separate repository for each individual. For sure, it shouldn't be 
that complicated but it turned out that no one of them is interested in the 
subject, it wastes time, and I will do the whole thing at the end, I decided 
to give it up. For sure the translators name are available on the translated 
files with their KACST accounts so I am not stealing the work of any one.

> Also, could you give me the times that I should expect cvs commits? ie.
> when would be a safe time for me to perform sync's without interfering
> with on-going translations?

We commit at around 11 UTC +/-2 hours.

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