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[OT] Was Re: Arabeyes and Fedora

On Tue, 2004-06-29 at 13:50, Christian Perrier wrote:
> But Linux != Fedora, by the way.....
> couldn't resist, of course

As you couldn't resist, may be I will use the chance to bug you..
I am a Linux and Fedora user (that is a linux user which uses fedora
usually but uses other distros). I was interested in switching to
debian, but had the problem of stable vs. secure.
More explanation: I cannot use debian unstable or testing because they
don't have security updates, which are important to me as I am a network
admin. And I cannot use stable because it is too old for my taste.
Switching when Sarge comes out is not a solution as I will probably have
the same problem after another year or two.

I am sure there are network admins there in debian, what do they do?

Muhammad Alkarouri