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Re: Great news: KACST is going to begin working in translation next week

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:
> You can recommend this thing but not force it over me (like Mr. Elzubair 
> suggests. He told me he prefer and this a big difference). We reserve
> yourself the freedom to register individually through arabeyes site or not.
> Hey! come on,  if some one wants to translate something with his brothers, 
> friends, collegues, company,... he shouldn't be _forced_ to _force_ them to 
> register individually. Another Hey! Ahmed Al-rashideen, please let your 
> children register on arabeyes site so we can track which word your elder
> son has translated and praise/blame him for this.

Munzir - yet another example of BAD judgment on your side.  I see no reason
to mention Mr Al-Rasheedan and/or his children (I personally took offense
to this more so than your other gag) for something that obviously multiple
people don't understand nor comprehend.  If you can't explain your views
and actions, please don't drag other people into this esp when they are
as innocent and as unassuming as those mentioned.

> Please, all of you working on arabeyes, give your view point NOW. Don't keep 
> silent please.

I think you need to state outright who these people are, what arrangements
have been made by whom and why, etc.  The key is FULL transparency on all
issues - the more everyone knows, the more everyone is comfortable.  That
is the open source way and as noted, the main aspect of our existence is
"fostering a community" which means we are looking to teach people the
virtues of volunteering and helping as well as having them be involved in 
setting our own course and destiny (hope that makes sense).

> I have just checked out the kde repository from the main KDE site, I will
> send a message to sysadmin at kde dot org with my encrypted password to get a cvs 
> account. I am sure he won't ask me whether I will translate it alone or with 
> others. In case he refers me to your site I will explain to him the whole 
> story and sure he won't mind giving one more account to a group that will 
> finish KDE translation in matter of days.

Last I checked we already had a KDE maintainer - has this changed ?  If
it has by who's order (where is the 'core' discussion ?) and if it hasn't
why isn't this done via him ?

> In case you don't agree with the way this message addressed the issues,
> please comment and clarify things so I know whether this a personal remark 
> from Arafat or your official/policy attitude. I still care to do it through 
> Arabeyes in case I find help and advice from them. Otherwise, as mentioned 
> previously, it's better for us to do it directly. Just do me one favor, try 
> to reply to this message today so I have time to manage it.

As has been noted recently on a different list - no remarks coming out of
any person's mouth (or fingers for that matter :-) are Arabeyes' stance
or policy.  The only policy/stance there is is one which 'core' (post a
meeting on the subject) sets and outlines and that is usually made clear
when noted.

Don't view any negativity in what is noted (I'm sure many will read into
it - that's not the intent), I'm trying to make sure we avoid future
headaches and friction along with any ambiguity.


 - Nadim

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