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General Queries

Assalam o alekum :

I am Nadir Durrani from Pakistan ? We are doing a survey on languages that are based on arabic script , these include Arabic , Urdu , Farsi , and other regional languages of Pakistan like Pashto , Sindhi , Punjabi and Balochi . Arabic is the most developed amonsgt these as far as Linux/GNU platform is concerned. I need to ask a few questions.

1. I've checked sorting of arabic and urdu characters on spread sheet in Open Office . It sort characters according to some rules but the sorted characters do not match the real collating sequence of arabic or urdu language neither does it sorts them according to unicode number. For example it sorts character "heh" before "waw" , puts " tteh " before character "sey" and "hamza" before " alef " and etc etc . Could you tell me what sorting algorithm it uses ?

2. Have you guys implemented things like spell cheker , lexicon sort of things in mozilla or open office , because I couldn't find it in Arabbix or Open Office version 1.1.0 in it .

3. Open office 1.1.0 and mozilla in arabix does not contain any arabic help files ? Do the Office 1.1.1
does ? Can I get the snap shots ?

4. I've installed mozilla 1.6 from its offical website ? It does not show arabic interface when I boot with arabic locale ? Do I have to download it from arabic mozilla site inorder to see the arabic interface ? Will it update the previous 1.6 mozilla or will be installed seperately ?

I'll be highly grateful if you guys answer me about these . I have lots of queries to inquire about if you guys answer positively.

Allah Hafiz

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