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Re: FW: Arabic dictionary

On Wednesday 09 June 2004 09:03, Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

> And this is one of those rare instances where I would support GPL. I
> think we need maximum protection and the rigidity of the GPL for the
> Wordlist.

I understood he will package Wordlist in a way that is not dictd nor
miniQamoose thing. Wordlist will still be free to the public but he will
elaborate on the format, definitions, display, etc.

Personally I see no harm done provided he will maintain Arabeyes
credits and the guy is preaching Arabic on his web site which is the
motto of Arabeyes.

Not looking at licenses or legal issues, I would feel good someone
will lookup a word I translated. We struggled to contact Onelook.com
to have our Arabic dictionary added to their list of dictionaries and
I feel this is a good start with Mike that will include Arabic in his
web site.

Ahmad Al-rasheedan (http://webhost.fasttelco.com/asr)