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Re: emails appearing as question marks (was: garbage)

Salam all,

Ok, I think its safe to say that most of these problems appear on threads
originated by me and Arabic messages from me. Elzubeir told me that on my email
headers the charset appears as ascii-us, regardless of the actual content which
is UTF-8. This doesn't seem to present a problem on browsers, but it confuses

Yahoo don't let you change anything relevant from the settings, and at the
moment I have very little option except to use webmail (strictly-http-only
connection) until I get a shell account that will let me run hts on it. (still

My only solution is to go back to using English until some breakthrough (i.e.
my blood pressure breaking through the roof for example ;), the rest of you
please continue using Arabic.


--- Yasser Chaddad <chaddadun at bluewin dot ch> wrote:
> I do have this problem.
> Salam
> Yasser

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