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Re: I'm Back


You probably don't know me unless you've been monitoring the mailing lists. But
I know you (from your translations...) :). Its always good to have one more
experienced translator doing, um, translations.

Whether you work on KDE or GNOME is ultimately up to you I guess. Maybe the
higher-ups can tell you what would be best for the project right now, but its
your decision. My guess would be we need more work on KDE though.

By the way, a few weeks back Arafat took the initiative and now we all use
ARABIC instead of English on the doc mailing list. I'm not using Arabic right
now because of technical problems although I usually do :(

Welcome back.


--- Mohammed Gamal <f2c2001 at yahoo dot com> wrote:
> Salam everybody,
> I'm now OVER with my high school, I just finished my
> exams last wednesday. I'm back with nothin else to do.
> I just wanna know what project I can help with now
> (i.e. what's our main priorities right now). Should I
> start with KDE or GNOME or some other project?
> I'm waiting for ur response :)
> Thanks,
> Mohammed
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