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status report, eh?

Salam Shabab,

+ I abondened writing in Arabic temporarely, I got confused of writing
even in doc, cz of other ppl, in english. But to be honest I loved
writing in Arabic and its definetely my preferred language of working in

+ gnome front:
Evo is nearly done, some 110 strings but those are big ones (you know ;)

gimp is nearly done too, glade too, gnome-volume-manager, evo-webcal,
evo-bla and evo-blabla... So it's all great, it's all cool stuff and
you'll profit sometime from it ;)

What is REALLY important to note here is the contribution of Abdulaziz
Alarfaj, he's doing a cool job: reliable, good grammar, good vocabular,
ok sometimes some sentences need some rework, but even with my work I'm
not really happy...

+ Abiword, Mohammed Sameers patch is AWESOME. ok I couldn't patch the
tarball, but the screens he showed (if not made with the gimp ;) are
simply AWESOME. Think of an Arabic abiword writing correctly Arabic
under XFCE. WoW...
No more OOo bloat, no more OOo shaping and what's more imporant no more
headaches and bloody eyes...

Mohammed I'm coming to your help... #me yelling#

+ I'm still waiting for that libbonobo bug (go check the wiki) hopefully
it gets fixed, it's a FIXME bug...

Evo will look much better with that bug fixed and with the latest patch
it finally got. But it still needs some work. Mainly flipping views.

+ I wanted to start the rewrite of some words in the whole gnome destkop
like folder and direc or remove : izala and delete: hathf etc... some
basic words which really need some polish too. 

+ And this leads me to QAC!!!

I love QAC it's vapourware a la arabian.(ArafatMadSpeak (TM))
We meet indeed once a week, but well every ones busy... Salam, Salam...
Still to be honest have you taken a look at the cvs uploads for the past
weeks? work is very slow so I think that's normal procedure.
We have to wait till everybody is available again and start with Nadims
idea to get all of us three weeks on this.

So I think: we don't need any meeting till we are free again and simply
simply cz everything was set-up.
too much meetings are bad for the lever you know...

+ Last but not least GNU/Freedesktop. isn't this great stuff? we can
translate the GNU tools. So I'll do some work there to mark presence and
I hope QAC sometimes starts to tackle this with professionalism from the

+ If all works out well I'll meet Elzubair in Dubai! hey WOW!

+ that's all from me, I'll not be here from the 7th till the 21st maybe
or the 22nd. no internet, no pos, really nothing, so for any Q don't
hesitate to ask.