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January status report

Salam all,


+ Cleaned ALL the gnome files with 7 pos remaining, namely: libgtop,
gnome-utils, procman, nautilus, gnome-terminal, gedit, gdm 2.

	This means: ALL files are compliant to UTF-8, no more non utf 	chars,
consistent grammar throughout the whole pos. Standard 	vocabulary,
changed/removed many bogus vocabulary, got rid 	of spelling errors as
much as I could. And made it ONLY 	user-centric through simple yet solid
grammar. My philosophy is: 	Linux is not for me not for you, it's for an
Imam in the mosque 	and a lady in a bank.

+ Uploaded all the 2.6 pos to the Arabeyes server.(the new structure
meant for me even more work...)

+ Uploaded all the reworked 2.6 pos to the gnome cvs server. All the pos
reside now in HEAD.

	this means we are on sync with gnome for the first time after 	nearly
two years ;) WOOW!


+ Get a 100% Arabized gnome, we are now at 93% Desktop-libs and 71%
Desktop. But the hard work is clearly done...

+ As nearly ALL my goals for this time-period were attained, I'll do a
complete reorganization of the gnome translation, no idea how this will
look like. But a little bit of promo and more coordination with Anmar
and Ahmad are things that come to my mind. Maybe take a look at KDE, no
idea really...

+ Buy new pants...

Well for now I got saturated of translation. So I'll not work on gnome
till 22 february.


+ It seems Evolution will not make it into the official desktop release,
it's simply not ready.

+ Didn't get any responce from the Abiword ppl after sending them the

+ Mabrouk for Azawawi for becoming KDE maintainer I hope we will have a
great time together as I had with all the Arabeyes ppl.

Many thanx for Arabeyes and all the ppl here, I am happy I could rise
this from doomness get it on track and attain the station ;) THANX ALL!