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QAC Information


I took the liberty of modifying 'slightly' some of the stuff that Youcef
has put on wiki. I added both the first agenda and minutes of QAC. I
didn't bother with the formatting for the minutes, since it really is
messy (does not really reflect items on the agenda and I wasn't there to
know what really happened).

I think it is of the utmost importance that QAC information is populated
on wiki.arabeyes.org. I also think that it should be made clear how a
person can become a member and how they can lose their membership. Also,
a method of rotating charimanship or whatever you want to call it would
be nice.

This is especially true because of possible votes. If there are votes,
members must be known and you shouldn't be able to join in, vote, and
leave. Power comes with responsibilities.

In any regard, the individuals who are "in-charge" QAC should
_seriously_ populate the Wiki and arrange for the next meeting. I think
that would be Ossama. Don't be shy ;)

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