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Re: QAC common_words

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <rahal at arabeyes dot org> wrote:
> Same here. But I started a thread to which you did
> not answer ;-) [unrelated 
> to common words file].

Oh, really? ;) Sorry, but I really don't know which
topic you're talking about. I checked the archives
specially in here
but didn't know what is it.

> I think we should make the "QAC decisions" in the
> wiki, so every member can 
> contribute, and so those decisions could be written
> in stone.

Good. I see this is what you did.

> I suggest that we keep the current "translations"
> and append them like that:
> msgid "some string"                         <-
> string to translate
> msgstr "translation 1                       <-
> current string in PO
> translation 2                               <- other
> string in PO
> o. khayat: suggested-translation1 ::
> suggested-translation2
> y. rahal :  suggested-translation1 ::
> suggested-translation2 etc"
> Then we could discuss them one by one.
> I hope this makes sense,

I agree on that. I'll start the work ASAP.

Note: Sorry for the very late answer...


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