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Re: Regarding QaMoose

--- Moustafa Mounir Elqabbany <elqabbany at sunnipath dot com> wrote:
> Insha' Allah, I will look into the standards issue and into dictd input 
> format.  If standards do exist, then of course we should follow them.  
> If standards don't exist, then maybe we can produce an  RFC.  Let's 
> cross this bridge first (i.e. come to a firm answer regarding whether 
> standards exist or whether we should put a stake in the ground) and then 
> discuss the topic further.

Sounds reasonable.

> However, I am still a bit unsettled about entering tons of data that 
> will need to be massively reordered.  The restructuring of the data 
> can't be automated because programs can't easily parse natural 
> language.  So, if there are ten translations for "run" (which is 
> reasonable), they will need to be organized manually.

On this part I disagree.  I never said it would be automated (it can't
be), but it would be alot easier and wiser to continue with the Wordlist
translation while researching format/syntax of the underlying files.
A reshuffle of the data would take 1/10th of the time and no data will
_ever_ be lost.  I hope you continue to contribute to the Wordlist
translation (a minimum of a word a day :-) while you research.


 - Nadim

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