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Re: Todo "Wordlist"

--- Ahmad Al-rasheedan <asr at baldi dot cc> wrote:
> I failed to add to wordlist "Todo". I read on this
> list
> people don't know what is pending. Can Osama or
> Nadim
> add a new todo?

I'm the one who can add TODOs here, and I'm the one
with LESS input.. :( what a shame....

> 1) Provide translation for new_words_A -->
> new_words_U.
> 2) Provide multiple translations for full_wordlist_A
> --> full_wordlist_Z,
> and delete invalid words in the process....and beg
> for people to help out.

Do you want to add them this way, or add a todo for
each file, so one can work on it?


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