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Re: problems in kbabel

ביום חמישי, 19 באוגוסט 2004, 21:03, נכתב על ידי Munzir Taha:
> On Yaum al-Khamees 03 Rajab 1425 10:35, Diego Iastrubni wrote:
> > שלום (אחד שניים) שלוש...
> > ok. The bug is trigered also in kmail.
> > I cannot see it in kedit which uses qt widgets only.
> I believe kedit is far from being using Qt widgets only. It has a very
> modified code AFAIK.
you will be surprized... 

> > Munzir, please tell me if this bug is available for Arabic as well (90%
> > it is). Sorry, but I still dont have Arab fonts here.
> Will you please download one from arabeyes KHOTOT project and test? Still I
> am searching for some one to download qt and kde sources for me ;)
tried on a SUSE machine, just dumped the 3 zillion files I found 
into /usr/share/fonts, works wuite nice. The fonts seemed a little italic by 

> > > It dies on this string in kdeartwork/kwin_system.po
> > >
> > > <center><b>KStep preview</b></center>
> > > Just tell me if you can reproduce this in Arabic. If you can, add a
> > > comment in the bugzilla of KDE. I will try and hunt this bug.
> I couldn't reproduce it with Arabic in this string, specifically. I also
> enable the spellchecking as you type option but can't reproduce it. As I
> commented on the bug it always happen but never systematic.
> Diego, I believe if you add a new user (or remove your old settings) you
> won't be able to reproduce it on that string, too. The backtrace is much
> need
the bug should be fixed now. please test again (update from cvs, even branch 
if you can).

> <offtopic>I have a power cut while typing this messsage. When it's back
> Linux put the same message in front of me exactly as I have left it. I
> loved this a lot because never have I thought it is possible. Does Windows
> have this feature?</offtopic>
there is an option to save the message in kmail, look it up

> Note: it will be great if you stick to utf-8 in your messages ;)
ok, from now I send utf8 messages to this list.


diego, kde-il translation team

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