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Re: Skolelinux (educational distro)

Technical stuff aside, lets talk about translation :)

Once it is confirmed that Skolelinux will be able to support Arabic
properly, I will very much be in favour of starting a Skolelinux
translation project here.

And if no one else sticks his neck out, I would very much like to be
maintainer of said project, if core approves :)


--- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian dot org> wrote:

> (back from holidays in Al-Andalus....where, btw, I saw lot of Arabic
> which I unfortunately couldn't read and understand)
> > I think "scoping" the necessary work and what needs to change is
> the
> > first order needed to proceed (this means contacting the author,
> giving
> > him/her a bit of info on what Arabic requires (bidi+shaping, etc)
> and
> > getting feedback from said author on what would be needed to
> "culturally"
> In the case of Skolelinux, this is easy as one of the project
> managers, Petter Reinholdtsen, is deeply involved in Debian Installer
> and Debian in general. And, as you have already seen, our commitment
> to BiDi compliance has increased a lot recently..:-)
> However, adding Arabic support to Skolelinux may be tricky currently
> as, for stability reasons, the distribution is based on Debian
> "woody"
> which probably lacks a lot of stuff for properly supporting BiDi.
> However, as Debian release is now again on its way (I still have to
> read news about this), the next Skolelinux release will probably be
> based on Debian sarge....which increases the probability of adding
> Arabic support to it.
> Petter, correct me if I'm wrong somewhere, of course´┐Ż!

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