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Re: new contributer!


Welcome to Arabeyes, Amr. Nice to have you.

We could use more translators in almost every active translation
project. Take your pick. GNOME, KDE, Debian, or the new Freedesktop

After you make a choice we can take you through your translation
orientation, but first please read the following HOWTO:


If your interested in development, subscribe to the developers list and
send an email to that effect.

Once again welcome to the team. We are all eager to see you do some
damage ;)


--- Jone Frank <jone0_frank0 at yahoo dot com> wrote:

> assalamo alikom,
> My name is Amr.I'm 19 yrs old.. Medical Student ..
> >From Egypt..
> I've much interet in computering... and I've a good
> experienec in windows but just some days ago I've
> entered the Linux world.. I've installed Linux Plus
> Core 1 and I found it some thing great...
> and I realy hope that I can participate in trhe
> Arabeyes projects..
> I'm a good at English to Arabic translation... and I
> hope that can exctract some hours from my time so as I
> can learn some programming as I hope to develop the
> best OS and I think Linux is a very good OS which I've
> to learn much about so I can partipate in developing
> it..
> I learn quickly, alhamdo lilah, but I'm still very new
> to Linux world..
> I hope that you can find a job for me in your great work...

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