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Re: CVS: translate/gnome/desktop eel.po

--- Munzir Taha <munzirtaha at newhorizons dot com dot sa> wrote:

> On Yaum al-Arbi'a 17 Jumaada al-Thaani 1425 07:47, Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj
> wrote:
> > Changed translation of Justification from تبرير to ترصيف.
> Isn't it better to make it ضبط

Well, seeing as ضبط is used for at least 600 other words, I decided
against it :)

Besides that ضبط could mean practically anything. The sentence:

"How would you like these lines to be justified?" has a precise clear
meaning while the sentence:

"كيف تريد أن تضبط هذه السطور"

is confusing at best, and I certainly wouldnt guess right away that it
had anything to do with left-justification or right-justification.


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