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Re: Skolelinux (educational distro)

--- Christian Perrier <bubulle at debian dot org> wrote:
> Quoting Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj (alarfaj0 at yahoo dot com):
> > This was sent to me personally. Not sure how that happened. Anyway
> > this belongs on the doc list:
> Petter is very involved in all -edu projects. He is the leader of
> the Skolelinux project which aims at building a distribution for
> installing Debian-based infrastructure computers to schools.
> Skolelinux is widely used in Norway, already, and is used as a base
> for other Custom Debian Distributions targeted at education.
> A Skolelinux install is something you have to see some day. Damn
> impressive�¿½;..:-)

Sounds like something for the various distro developers that lurk.  It
would be very interesting to add the necessary Arabic hooks to Skolelinux
to meet the various Arabic educational needs out there (cost is a HUGE
factor).  Anyone interested in looking further into this ?  I have a
feeling it would be a cross between assembling a list of what is missing
(in terms of capabilities) and a list of what needs to change (in terms
of games and educational content) for us to move forward with this.
There was a post, some hours ago, talking about Gcompris - this would
certainly fall into the same'ish camp.


 - Nadim

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