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last updated status report

Salam all,

This is my last update for the status of gnome translation.

gnome 2.2 was tagged and gnome 2.4 pos were merged and uploaded.
gnome 2.4 translation begun, I uploaded today some translated files and
begun with string fixing and translation.
Contributors were contacted about their help as it is indeed needed, to
make the translation go smoother and make me stop translating for 23
hours a day ;)
So gnome 2.4 is on the "rails" like I wanted it to be, step two of my
gnome maintainership is reached: the project goes smoothly.

What does the future bring now? ehhm, nothing! I'll go to holidays now
;) this means I'll not be reachable from next week till November.
Any question has to be addressed to me before monday next week.
>From my part no new work will be uploaded.
This doesn't mean the project will freeze as Hassan will continue work
on it, and maybe hafid if I hear something from him.

till November and keep up the good work.