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New and Bad wordlist

As I'm working on the 'B' bad words file, I notice
there are words that need to be changed/added in other
new and wordlist files.
Since Ahmad is taking file Z to A (bad words) and A to
Z (new words), I avoiding to update the new words to
avoid conflicts.
So, can we please change this order by making it A to
Z or the opposite for both words list?

Ossama Khayat

P.S. A sample list:
Blazonry = شعار النبالة
Blindworm = العظاية العمياء
Blotch =لطّخ
Blow = انفخ
blur = ضبابية
boatyard = ساحة بناء المراكب
body build = بنية الجسم
body-build = بنية الجسم
body weight = ثقل الجسم
bogey = غول
bombast = كلام منمّق طنّان
border zone = المنطقة الفاصلة

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