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Re: To Anmar

Hello Arafat:

I am now in Germany visiting family. I should be home this Friday inshallah.

I will send you an email with some times you can choose. You read my mind I was 
thinking of doing the same when i got back home. I see we think the same before 
we even started talking :)

Talk to you later.


p.s. I am subscribed to all arabeyes.org mailing lists. you can also reach me 
at anmar at arabeyes dot org

Quoting Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de>:

> Salam,
> I hope Anmar is subscribed under the doc list to get this email else
> please anyone who knows (and has the time) to forward this mail to him
> should make this.
> I want to have an irc discussion with you about what would be best
> suited for gnome under Arabbix. Please let me know when you can attend
> such a discussion, day and time would be appreciated. Please if it is
> possible say the time in GMT.
> Many thanx in advance.
> yours
> Arafat
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