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Re: Oops!

I am still confused. It seems you will force me to understand how CVS works. 
Though I am not interested on this nowadays (and will prevent me from 
finishing the translation quickly) you opted for it. So, bear with me.

cvs update gives this:
[munzir at localhost misc]$ cvs update
? .directory
? .new.full_word
? messages.mo
cvs server: Updating .
RCS file: /srv/cvs/translate/misc/full_wordlist.po,v
retrieving revision 1.7
retrieving revision 1.9
Merging differences between 1.7 and 1.9 into full_wordlist.po
rcsmerge: warning: conflicts during merge
cvs server: conflicts found in full_wordlist.po
C full_wordlist.po

$ cvs diff full_wordlist.po gives more than 1024 lines which are changes made 
by me. This is just a snapshot:

< msgstr ""
> msgstr "مجموعة لغات ينطق بها في أمريكا الوسطى والمكسيك"
< msgstr ""
> msgstr "عشب شمال أمريكي ذو ثمر بيضي الشكل"
< msgstr "اليأفوئات"
> msgstr "ذباب مايو"
< msgstr "زهرة مايس"
> msgstr "زهرة مايو"
< msgstr ""
> msgstr "زهور مايو"

Now, what I understand is if I have checked out the file, made changes, and 
committed my changes before anyone else put his nose into the file, 
everything will be OK! but if someone committed his changes before me a 
conflict will happen. May be a solution is to cut my local file and put 
elsewhere and the checked out the file again. Make cut and paste for the 
letter M part and then commit it quickly ;-)

Another issue:
I have a very slow dialup connection that I need hours to work with CVS. Can't 
you divide the file into pieces? Separate the M letter for me? Let me send 
you the _changes_ by email? any suggestions?

في 8:00 م جمعة 28 مارس 2003، doc-request at arabeyes dot org كتبت:
> Do a cvs diff and look at what has changed.
> $ cvs --help diff
> later

Munzir Taha,
Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer,
Certified Internet Webmaster, (CIW),
Microsoft Office User Specialist, (MOUS),
New Horizons Computer Learning Centers,
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