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Re: brief note

The great thing about this software is that it really doesn't require much previous chem knowledge. I am putting this together without much assistance from the chemistry departments here because they don't yet understand the techonology. I was putting this presentation together initially in an effort to explain it to them, but I figure to heck with them, I'd rather work with committed people such as yourselves. See the flowchart that may look wierd is really the next step in the human genome project. I know this is a lot to swallow, but I've decided that it will be in my labs best interest to prove that this software can be handled by just about anyone with the proper training, and that we don't need the old instititutions to get it done. The molecules I have up are part of phase one of the project. Phase two will be to run the routines that layed out
http://www.people.virginia.edu/~adp6j/ if you have anyone you know that is a chemist go ahead and ask them to back it up, otherwise trust me on this one, it's a software problem more than a chemistry concern. I have also provided source links to the original articles if anyone is interested, but the bottom line is we can kill two birds with one stone here. we can get real relations initiated between our cultures, and we can do some ground breaking science too... not bad for a days work, and all that needs to be done is some data entry. I am pulling strings to get all of the software for membstruk (it is open source but requires some licensing agreements) in one place and then we can try to get our work done and get the results published. That'll set the crew on its end. I have already picked out the protein sequences necessary etc... etc... and if anyone is interested in doing this with me as I go along great, all I am asking right now from anyone interested is that they sign the guestbook at


with deepest respect and highest regards
Anson Parker

--On Friday, March 28, 2003 7:33 AM -0800 Nadim Shaikli <shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:

--- Anson David Parker <adp6j cms.mail.virginia.edu>
The first lab procedure is on the net
any and everyone is encouraged to play along - have fun
(ps  - sorry about postin this stuff up, but if you're
in to it,  this will put us on track) The next phase
will be following  the proteins structure prediction
protocol membstrukon  several ligands -
highest regards -

Anson, have you tried to get in touch with anyone in the Arab world in the field of "Chemistry or Physics" (well, anyone who has interest in proteins) ? I really think their involvement from the get-go is critical. There are plenty of universities in the Arab world along a plethora of Arab teachers in Europe and the west in general.

If I may suggest the following, go over the various
papers and journals that you might have and see if you
can find someone with an Arab sounding name.  Collect as
many of those as possible and contact them one by one
soliciting their involvement.

Do please,
 1. use more descriptive subject-lines (titles) in your
 emails :-) 2. Consider using the 'general' list for
 non-translation type of issues (I hope you are
    subscribed to the various lists, since there have been
    a couple of replies to your post already directly to
    the list)


- Nadim

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