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lets rock

looks like it's time to rock and roll - the first thing that must be done on our end is that the website's fonts need to be tagged properly for arabic... tagged properly in general for that matter, this is a great way to start doing tutorials, the way I've been doing it is with screen capture and then adding text over top of the files, then I've been adding text on the left hand in english and text on the right hand in arabic... by keeping everything in table format we can extract the data later for use other projects (in QaMoose, this'll end up getting some great technical language in there...). It may not be the most efficient plan, but it'll work. I noticed you guys a python users, which is awesome, for several reasons
1) 'cause my favorite piece of visual software is called pymol (visit www.pymol.org) and it is written almost entirely in python. I know I'm "preachin to the choir" as they say, but just to make sure we're on the same page -- as this progresses we can batch export these formatted pieces any way we want to... & python powered biochem is some seriously cool stuff...
2) We can always easily parse these tables back in to mySQL...

so here's the link for a piece that was put together for the biology department earlier this semester it is a demonstration for how the tutorials should be submitted.

just stick the text/media as needed in the tables..
**The two pieces of software listed there are free-ware, but pay little attention to the first piece for the time being, it is not open source.**

**I hope you all realize that this may entail a crash course in chemistry / biology etc... don't stress it a bit, I'll be totally honest I didn't really get involved in the software end until only a few months ago - what I've found out, however, is that
1)most of my professors don't understand any of it
2)this is an awesome opportunity to just set the record straight on the power of the web

But I'm straying from the main point which is the following - we need to document our activities extensively. get some screen capture deal going and use it. We are at the ground floor. I figure we have at most nine months of prep time before the web gets a whole ton of new visitors. Let's role out the welcome mats. They're gonna need tech support, we're gonna have it ready from google and ebay on up the food chain...

So go ahead and get a tutorial up in the format listed, eventually we can get some online database to pull this in, but that's down the road. For the immediate causes an introduction to Arabic Markup would be wonderful, something that can be posted ASAP as the first "handshake" - rock on

the forums should be working and links are going up now

with deepest respect,
Anson Parker

**If there are any obvious points missing please don't hesistate to send corrections this way, or post them to the forums**