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Re: Salam

Salamo 3alaikom,

On Wed, 2003-03-26 at 17:31, Arafat Medini wrote:
Salam Hassan,

Finally I had some time to reply to your mail. As I am using evolution I
can't write in Arabic so I'll try to write latin.
About writing in Arabic in Evolution, do just like me: Write down in any arabic enabled text editor and  save it and then attach the file to the message to be sent.
jahara and shidda are both far better then my translation. I suggest
shidda, I know you liked jahara more, but jahara is not very much used
in the Arabic west like shidda. So to make both parties happy let us use
shidda, but for sure if you have any other suggestion, let us discuss
Sir I only didn't like the accurate Volume to be Hagm. I think it is ok to be either shidda or jahara whichever suits better.
for power you're right let us use your translation.

For pause I found last week another word which is maybe more interesting
"tawkif mu'akkat" tamhil wasn't written by me ;) it is a good word but
tamhil has this meaning of going slow or stopping and releasing stopping
and releasing many times. But tawkif mu'akkat explains it to the point.
What do you think?
When I did translate acme.po, I actually used a close translation to this which was "Ikaf mo2akat." You actually removed it. ;)
Yeah sleep is very strange but I don't have a better equivalent I have
to admit. Maybe a word for systems which describes the situation of not
stopping or dead but still working and not :/// Well very weired
indeed.If you have any suggestion ? really it would be appreciated ;)
A proper translation for those technical words should go after compiling the software and see where do these strings take place in the actual software and then translate accordingly. What do you think?
About musa3ada no idea !!! I have to admit that's indeed very abnormal.
There isn't any other word IMHO for it.
I don't really recall what I've written. That was long time ago.

Yeah the groups would be written like that if I made any mistake please
correct it, no you're not sarcastic we're working, all the suggestions
are (I hope at least) professional. 
Thanks to God you didn't take personally.
Between us I'm a little bit German
so ... ;)
Ya3ni aih???

Well shade came indeed from me ;)
Yes indeed badalan min or 3iwadhan 3an is linguistically better.
Well, is it for correction or not?
Let me say for the last string you asked about 50/50 I'll tell you the
pros: the string itsel is composed of X KeyCode, which means X key and
code X for the width of the Monitor and key and code are trivial so if
we wanted to translate it into Arabic, the word would make sense indeed.
The cons, it's as you pointed out a compact string, but in that case INS
or MDI would be also untranslatable but we translated these words. So
let me say here: I don't know. Whereas I would prefer, for the sake of
the user who doesn't know the English language, to translate it.
But we can sure discuss this point further.
I think you should translate those Xkeycode strings. I don't have any clue about translating such strings. Should they stay fuzzy or untranslated?

One very important thing never forget about the user, the software is
not for us think about an Imam in the south of Egypt and a Banker in Abu
Dhabi this is very important, never forget this.
Agree completely with you.
Yours Truely,

Hassan Abdin

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