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KDE-i18n modules


There are actually two issues here. First there is the issue of assigned
KDE modules. The other is commit logs.

Perhaps the module assignments were not explained properly, so allow me.
The rationale behind assigning modules to individuals is not just for
the sake of organization. There is more to it:

  + Avoiding CVS conflicts
    In order to avoid CVS conflicts (which believe it or not, still do happen)
    it was thought best to have individuals working on independent modules.
    That is much easier and quicker than having to declare a specific file
    on the mailing-list randomly.

  + Concentrated focus
    This way an individual translator can focus their attention completely
    on a specific module. This will bring forth quicker results as you can
    get a feel of the progress and impact happening from your work by

  + Sense of ownership
    Because you will 'own' a specific module, a translator can get a sense
    of ownership, hopefully prologing the life-cycle of a translator. We have
    found, from experience, that the lifecycle of a translator is relatively
    short (compared to a developer for instance).

This however does not mean that I would strictly say, only 1 person works
on a specific module. As we gain more translators and each module has one
owner, responsible for it, it is then the responsibility of each module
to coordinate with other translators interested in working on those
modules they own.

Right now, and after we have made assignments, it seems that everyone still
is randomly working on PO files. This has resulted in CVS conflicts from
certain module owners. So please, do stick to your modules. If, for any
reason, you would like to work on PO files outside of your module, try
to go for unassigned modules. If you still want to work on files in a module
that already has an assigned owner, please do consult that person on the
'doc' mailing-list before starting to work on it. Communication is
of _extreme_ importance here.

Secondly, and as far as CVS commit logs go. Please, do make your CVS commits
STANDARD. This is really a very simple thing and I frankly don't understand
why many translators are having a hard time observing. Plain and simple,
just include the output of:
  $ msgfmt --stastistics file.po
That's _all_ you have to put on the commit log. If you don't include that
in your log then your log is INCOMPLETE, and essentially useless. IF you
have more to add to it, feel free to do so. But at a MINIMUM do include
that output. This is spelled out and explained in the CVS HOWTO. It is
also now being mentioned in the Translator Guide that Youcef Rahal has
been working very hard on the past couple weeks.

Please, save me and yourselves, the trouble of making this request again.
I have posted about this more times than any other subject.

Thank you.
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