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I'm almost ready!

Hi guys,
I successfully logged into Arabeyes.org, updated my profile as requested
by Mr. kuru. and downloaded the /translate/gnome CVS files.

Please let me know what sort of files shall I translate.

One more issue needs to be solved on my part is the availability of the
ARABIC fonts!!!!! somehow, I don't see my Arabic fonts in my
applications, I believe Mr. kuru tried to help me on IRC but we couldn't
get it done, and so did Phactorial!! I actually did the same things on
same OS (but updated kernel) on a different machine (my laptop) and it
worked perfectly!!!!!

This is what I did:

copied the Arabic TTF fonts to the directory of

ttmkfdir > fonts.dir
ttmkfdir > fonts.scale

xset fp+ /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF
xset fp rehash

I opened gedit and checked for Arabic fonts but it wasn't there!. So I
thought of restarting my xfs server.

/etc/init.d/xfs restart

restarted successfully, opened gedit, and still no Arabic fonts.
I thought maybe I had to restart my X session, so I logged out, logged
back in and still there were no Arabic fonts available except that I can
see them in mozilla when I go to:


Later on, Phactorial suggested adding the FONTPATH to the
/etc/X11/XF86config file. So I added my font path but it didn't get me
any further.

anyhow, I checked the Arabeyes Docs section on Arabic Linux HOWTO. I
went straight to the section where it says:

To find out what fonts you have installed in your system, do:

xlsfonts | more

The Arabic fonts were there, but I can't use them in gedit for example
or any other software! except mozilla of course.

I wish someone can lead me to a simple solution this time and I would
like to have this chance to thank all those who tried to help me solve
my issue, thank you very much guys, specially kuru, phactorial and
whomever I forgotten, as I really forget very frequently ;)

sorry for my wrong writing!.

Liquid Crystal