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Status report

Status report February 2003

   This is my first gnome status report, so what do we have in the

1. Last month was a very exciting month we had a new translator joining
our great stuff which I am the only member of ;) 
It is Mr. Hassan Abdin so congratualtions and you are a great addition
to the gnome arabization project.

2. Work was done on nearly all the po except profterm,procman,gnome
games and gnome media. I nearly finished the translation of every file
of the translated files.

3. For the next month target is to complete the core gnome desktop
arabization, this has to be done,it is very urgent. And we'll begin with
the work on Abiword, galeon, Gnumeric and Evolution if time helps us in

4. I found a very good project started by Marco Pesenti Gritti who was
the founder of galeon it is called epiphany and it is even better then
galeon, I'm still thinking of translating the po file of this project
instead of the galeon po file simply because I see momentum there. The
whole coomunity is very positive about it.

4. And We need the Abiword po file which means a CVS account for