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Re: priority list and suggestions

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>Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 14:19:28 -0500
>From: Mohammed Elzubeir
>To: doc at arabeyes dot org
>Subject: kdenonbeta/
>Reply-To: doc at arabeyes dot org
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>Salam Nuriddin,
>It's good to see that you are super-active ;) Though I have a suggestion
>about the PO's you are currently translating. The kdenonbeta/ module
>is one of the least important (if not the least) ones.=20
      thank you for your words but i dont like to see a POT file without a PO file beside it, and when I see A PO file I be more happier because then I feel that someone is working.
      And about the super acitve I afraid I cant continue with it so far but I'll try because:
1-my open internet connection is finished (khalas) and now I am using cards.
2-I am now 2nd year in secondary school so the coming year I may be less active because its the last station in school (tawjihey) and my future is heavly depending on it.
>How about kdenetwork/ (unless you have interest in something else) ;)
>Let me know.
   No there is no intersting in pecific moulue but I perfer translating the app. which I feel more comfortable with, so when I translate an internet app. is more easeir for me than a security app. or a graphic-gimp- but I recommend not to use (rough translating "tarjma taqribya" I think) in long po files like gimp because when I see a word with a far away meaning I had a big (disapointment -sorry but I mean "I7ba6")
and I have a small quistion in my mind : If happend any desaster (any natural desasters or Uneversal War) will the finished tasks be in a safe place? We must look behind the dirty glass and be very carefull.
1-arabeyes.org style (the way it looks) is good for now but we need more bright theme on the site like the new kde.org ( I have no experence in site building so I dont know the diffecults)
2- Why there is no Arabic section in the site for giving an (impretion -in6ba3-) that the site is really for helping to spread the the arabic essence in linux (But I am not Arabic- "Turkish") so we must do this job for Islam.
Don't take my word as an instruciotns more than a friendly talk
Sorry for my bad English and taking a lot of your time
(Celeron 800 + 256 Ram + NVIDIA TNT2 M64 32mb + Mandarke 9,0 -Thanks to Ossama- + kbabel 1.1 + winxp-ME + wincvs 1.3b)
   and thanks
     Your faithfully

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