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Re: job: fullword list

On Tuesday 22 July 2003 18:12, Mustafa El-Sheikh wrote:
> thanks mr. nadim, you are very right! 'm  looking to do some translation
> for arabeyes which would be GREAT for me too ;)
> ok, mr. al-rasheedan, i can work with you in the full-word list. yet, i
> don't know actually whatis full-word list ;) anyhow, as a translator how
> can i start? please don't send me a weblink to a doc to read.

We all hate web links but we owe it to the good people who took from their
time and wrote the howtos and the like:)

> i did
> downloaded most of arabeyes guides. 'm not accustomed with reading that
> huge number of man pages and docs everyday!!

...Just once, not everyday:)

> i want just PO files to
> translate! with material in my hand, i will surely look for docs.

Ok, I guess it is time for Nadim to start accepting takers to revitalise
the full_wordlist issue since there is myself & Mustafa willing to go
over the files and prepare them for round 1. I am at the letter D 
and inshallah I should be at E by tomorrow.

Nadim, the floor for you.
Ahmad Al-rasheedan (http://webhost.fasttelco.com/asr)