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Re: want a job!

--- Mustafa El-Sheikh <elsheikhmh at softhome dot net> wrote:
> i browsed CVs archives, i can't find a fresh .po file! every files are
> taken! i hope 'm wrong ?!

Salam - I'm not sure what you are looking for, but searching the CVS
archives is not the place to do it.  The CVS archives are simply there
so that others know what's going on and what is being worked on (its a
means to track progress and to inform others what has just been modified).

If, and I'm gathering this is what you are after, you are looking to do
some translation for arabeyes (which would be GREAT) then you have a few
options (I'm also gathering you already registered and got your registration
reply) to work with,

  + Gnome (as already noted by Arafat M.)
  + KDE
  + Full_wordlist_* (as already noted by Ahmad Al-R.)

Gnome/KDE have their pages for news/etc and full_wordlist will have its own
page soon, make sure to surf this tree,


And read this HOWTO,



 - Nadim

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