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Re: full_wordlist

> Sure, I had posted a few times with regard to a self-imposed deadline
> we obviously didn't even come close to meeting - May 15th).

Sorry, I was one of the lurkers back then:)

>   http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/doc/2003/March/msg00117.html
>   http://lists.arabeyes.org/archives/doc/2003/April/msg00032.html
> A number of people had signed-up to work and help out, but (very
> they did not keep to THEIR words and simply disappeared (could we hear
> from you so that we know if we should take you off the list below ?).
> we have now is the following cumulative status,

Thats why I needed to know the members so efforts could be co-ordinated and
avoid duplicate work.

>   Letter   |  Person/Status
>  ----------+-----------------------------
>     A      |  Ossama K.    is working on it  (DONE !!!)
>     B      |  Ossama K.    is working on it ?
>     C      |  Ahmad Al-R.  is working on it  (DONE !!!)
>     D      |  Ahmad AL-R.  is working on it ?
>     M      |  Munzir T.    is working on it ?
>     N      |  Yousef Raffa is working on it ?
>     O      |  Anmar O.     is working on it ?
>     S      |  Anmar O.     is working on it ?
>     Y      |  Yousef Raffa is working on it ?
>     Z      |  Anmar O.     is working on it  (DONE !!!)

You see, I did my round "1" on A, B, C, and currently on D (300 words
I am sorry guys if I took a file I am not supposed to work on but I had the
I can grab a file and kababel it.

> Note that DONE means first round is completed - we'll need to revisit
> for fuzzy terms and terms that can't be found anywhere.

I did my best on A, B, C, and D as QA and hundreds of new translations.
Starting from the letter D, I have devised my own rule to mark a word as
"No good" in the comments field if it didn't exist in Webster, kdict, or
Ajeeb. It would make life easy on the person picking up after me to decide
if these words should be deleted from the wordlist or not. I hope I am not
crossing any protocol:)

> So in terms of when do we need this work completed - its yesterday :-)
> What are your thoughts on when realistically we can complete all this ?

Recalculate the balance, 300 words a day from a commited group
and repost a new date. I need your kids and my kids to a use a free
Arabic dictionary:)

> As for your question about dict.org - the idea behind full_wordlist (again
> as noted on this list - search the archives) is to distribute it not only
> internally put to supply it to the various dictionary websites out there
> that are seeking such info (we've had 3-4 in the past asking for completed
> work).  Also once completed, QaMoose will be modified/altered to support
> DICT protocol (dict.org) which means that you will be able to use any dict
> client you like to access all these terms.  QaMoose will continue (in
> to function as a place to suggest/augment new entries, etc but that will
> decrease in importance once our full_wordlist matures with time.  The key
> now is to get the full_wordlist completed which will trigger a load of
> things to come to fruition.
> Hope that makes sense and keep up the GREAT work.

It does. Thanks for taking the time.

My understanding you, "Nadim", are the owner of the beast (full_wordlist)
and a group of contributers (myself included) should take parts of the
We need to know the members so to esatablish co-ordination and hand
over work done and get a new assignment until full_wordlist is finished.
time I touched base with the wordlist I noticed it was commited by "Nadim"
(All of the files).

Lastly, can you delete "ar.po" in case someone stumbles on it like I did:)