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--- Arafat Medini <lumina at silverpen dot de> wrote:
> After 7 months of hard work of sleepless nights,
> And with the helps of some jinnis ;) We got the 
> first 100% arabic release of the gnome Platform

Mabrook !!!!!!  Great work Arafat - you said you were going to do it,
you committed yourself and you DID.  Outstanding effort - you are a
true role model for others to look upto in this regard.

> Shabab try this out it's a great thing, I can
> only repeat it and if you're convinced help me with
> 2.4!

Agreed, those interested in Gnome should post back and start on 2.4

BTW: I've updated the "graph" script so that it shows a more accurate
     account of the translation work (its updated nightly via cron).
     Take a look,


NOTE: those are also linked-in on their respective project pages.

We'll be adding similar accounting (and a project page) for the
full_wordlist soon.

Salam & again - Great work Arafat (now where are the others ?)

 - Nadim

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