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Re: Translation

--- Ahmad Al-rasheedan <asr at baldi dot cc> wrote:
> On Tuesday 08 July 2003 23:20, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> > Yup, you are.  If you see any deficiencies in the HOWTO, make sure to let
> > us know.  Do please commit your changes back to arabeyes nightly so that
> > no work is lost (the HOWTO notes how to do that as well :-)
> Thanks Nadim for the feedback. I would commit as soon as my account
> is active. Youcef was kind to confirm the username but the password
> is not functional.

There are a couple of people in your boat (hopefully Youcef will get back
to you soon - he's in the midst of giving Arabeyes.org a new face-lift).

> I would wait for tomorrow till I do more translations on the 'V' worldlist
> and e-mail it to someone to commit.


> > > 2) Noticed translation mistakes in the file. Is there any form of quality
> > > control (For what you submit or what I submit).
> >
> > Unfortunately, there isn't any QA (quality assurance/control) or any
> > consistency checks.  I think that will come post the work being
> > completed (phase-II if you will).
> >
> > Thanks for your continued help and we look forward to seeing your work
> > uploaded.
> Another feedback is appreciated on words that have several meanings.
> I noticed some words have very few (one) meaning and see no harm in
> elaborating with more definitions. Enter a word at Ajeeb and see the
> returned values.

There are 2 issues here - to elaborate (try not to - brief/short to the
point is best), you can use commas.  To enter an alternate meaning, we
need to pick a format which would allow us to enter multiple results to
one term.  I'm not sure what ajeeb or others use, maybe say '---' or
similar.  Ideas?

> Lastly, what should we do for words that don't exist in _any_ dictionary
> I am aware of?

If the word is correct but not listed in other dictionaries (slang or
similar), try to translate it otherwise make it as 'fuzzy' or 'bad' (the
HOWTO describes what that means).


 - Nadim

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