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Re: My reply to hicham about translation


Sorry for starting a new thread but my poor old netscape that I use at work can't handle UTF-8 strings...

I think we need ---very quickly--- (what about one week as a deadline ?) to name people who will to work on KDE translation. From yesterday's emails I can tell (in alphabetical order):

1- Hicham Amaoui.
2- Mohamed Aser.
3- Youcef Rahal.
(If I understand well, Arafat prefers to stay on gnome translation,
isn't it Arafat ?).

Who else ???

Also, and maybe it's only an option, it will be fine that people say the amount of work that they can put in the translation effort. This can give an idea about the amount of work to give to each translator. Of course, this should not be written in stone since people have other occupations and their commitment may vary. For myself, I already said that I could give about 2 hours/week insha Allah. I don't know what's the equivalent in term of number of strings/week since I didn't start it yet.

Also, I have a question: is there a translation coordinator ? Isam, are you still the coordinator ? If not, I see it necessary to name one, who has been already working on the translation for a long time and has already a big experience with it, and has a clear idea about the nature of the work and its difficulties. I see it at least necessary in order to share the tasks (since he can see what kind of work to give to each translator depending on their commitment capabilities) and supervise the translation progress.

People, any ideas ?



PS: Sorry if some of these questions have already been raised and debated (In fact, I really don't know if it is the case). But I am new to the translation and please believe in my goodwill :))

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