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Re: Arabic dictionary

--- Arafat Medini <lumina silverpen de> wrote:
> can I took a look at this dictionary I am rushing translation these
> days very rapidly and so it owuld help me to use this dicitonary

You can find the ``full_wordlist.po'' (dictionary) file here,


Do note that its a ______very______ large file (more than
88,000 words) and that it will take you a good while to view
via cvsweb or download it especially if you are on a dialup
(press "stop" on your browser after a minute or two via cvsweb
if need be to take a peak).  Its not yet complete, but thanks
to Mr. Ossama Khayaat its progressing forward.

BTW: I know a couple of people have shown interest in helping
on this file (walid?) and so maybe you guys could section off
who does what letters - eg,

  Person-1 does A -> G
  Person-2 does G -> L
  Person-3 does L -> Z

or something similar -- you guys work it out :-)

Salam - keep the commitment level high and keep those
translations coming.

 - Nadim

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