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Re: Duali: dictionary progress

Arabic UTF-8
Le Lundi 06 Janvier 2003 18:43, Mohammed Elzubeir a écrit :
> On Mon, Jan 06, 2003 at 04:02:28PM +0000, Mohamed Kebdani wrote:
> [...]

> I think you can continue your work with the verbs and leave the names
> for afterwards. I would rather have the verbs completely out of the way,
> as it lays down the foundation for the majority of the work. Names,
> although much more difficult to track and classify, are considerably
> less in a text (if you exclude fixed names). We will talk about this
> once you get to it (how to deal with fixed or nonbreakable names).
> As for the HTML duali doc pages, I am in full agreement with you.
> I tried to visit that French website and all I could do with Altavista
> is see a small part of it translated. It stopped about 20% of the way.
> Weird.

> BTW: Osama has started another thread on the 'developer' list wanting
> to contribute to Duali and help in any capacity he has with the work
> you are doing. So let's find him something to keep him busy ;)

   في هذه المرحلة من المشروع امكانيات المساهمة كثيرة. فمن مراجعة الجداول إلى 
برمجة بعض القواعد، يمكن أن يجد كل راغب فرصة للمساهمة :) أكان ممن لا يعرف 
البرمجة أو ممن يعرفها.
   مثلا وضع الجداول الصرفية للأفعال الثلاثية الناقصة المهموزة، المثال المهموز، 
الأجوف المهموز، أفعال المقرون و المفروق المهموزان، أصلاً و مزيدا، للفعل 
الرباعي و مزيديه حاملة لحروف العلة أو / و الهمزة ... الخ. كما ترى لا ينقص 
الشغل و مرحباً بكل مساعدة.

محمد كبداني
و السلام عليكم

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