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Re: what is the translation of "daemon"?


I vote for "Motarabes"


Nader Soliman wrote:


What Chahine has said, is just what I want to say. I always know that
"daemon" is something like a TSRs in Dos that performs services when a
specific conditions come true, so if I see "motarabes el teba3ah" I
think I may get the idea. Besides, I think we are not the only body that
translates English IT terms in general, there are so many committees out
there that do the same thing and we need to give them a good reason to
choose our translation instead of rejecting them as "non-relative to the
English terms or meaning". What I mean by this is that we need to do a
lot of effort to make our translation a de facto so we don't get our
Arab IT world so cluttered as in English.

Finally, I suggest making a simple vote to be more objective, simply we
can choose between
Other word

Nader Soliman

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Mohammed Elzubeir a *crit :

Although this is still my opinion, I think it is better to pick a word

that is both funny, light, and easily understood.. as opposed to introducing new words that are heavy and forced.

In addition to this, I would add, look at your translation the other way. Read your translation and assume you don't know what it's supposed to be about in arabic, but you know the english term. If you can't guess the english from your arabic without effort, then your translation is probably bad...


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