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Re: Want stuff for worldwide.kde.org

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On Monday 04 March 2002 3:15 pm, Isam Bayazidi wrote:
> One of Arabeyes Members, Hicham Amaoui, is maintaining a snapshot page for
> KDE 3 in his site .. I guess that he is updating these snapshot with the
> latest translation, and latest KDE beta releases ..
> http://amaoui.free.fr/kde3/index.html

These look really cool, and I've love to put some of them up on 
worldwide.kde.org (I'll hapily link back to the original site). Do you know 
if Hidham would mind me doing this?

> About HOWTOs and documentations, go to the resources section in
> Arabeyes.org here:
> http://www.arabeyes.org/resources.php
> There are Howtos, FAQs, Guides, outlines, that cover different aspects
> about Arabic in Linux.

Cool. I'll add a link to that.

> After looking to the resources, and you still feel that there is something
> missing, please don't hasitate to contact us at the doc mailing list ( CCed
> above)

I'm not looking for any specific, but if you've want to volunteer any material 
at all that'd be really great.

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