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Re: hijri date in kde (korganizer)


On Wed. 21 Aug 2002 19:50, Nadim Shaikli wrote:

> Thanks Amin for the rapid response to that suggestion :-)

Thanks for you helpful comments ;) , really

> A few issues (the screenshots are paying off already :-),
>  1. The day nomenclature
>       "Ith Zul Arb Kha Jum Sab Ahd"
>     is short hand for (where "aa" is hamza)
>       Itheen Thalathaa Arbiaa Khamees Jumah Sabet Aheed
>     So I'm not sure where the "Zul" came from (it should be something
>     like "Tha" I'd guess).  Any comments from anyone else ?

I paste all the names, located in hconv.c . Could you check them? (Sorry for 
being such a long message) . Then I'll correct as you tell me.

const char	*dow[]= {
	"Yaumul Ithnain", " Yaumu Zulatha", " Yaumul Arbi'a",
	"Yaumul Khamees", "Yaumul Jumma", "Yaumu Sabt", "Yaumul Ahad"
}; // complete day of week names

const char *sdow[] = {
	 "Ith", "Zul", "Arb", "Kha", "Jum", "Sab", "Ahd"
}; // short day of week names

const char  *hmname[] = {
	"Muharram", "Safar", "Rabi` al-Awal", "Rabi` al-Thaani",
	"Jumaada al-Awal", "Jumaada al-Thaani", "Rajab", "Sha`ban",
	"Ramadan", "Shawwal", "Zul al-Qi`dah", "Zul al-Hijjah"
}; // complete month names

const char  *hmnameshort[] = {
	"Muharram", "Safar", "R. Awal", "R. Thaani",
	"J. Awal", "J. Thaani", "Rajab", "Sha`ban",
	"Ramadan", "Shawwal", "Z. Qi`dah", "Z. Hijjah"
}; // short day of month names

>  2. The day-off is usually considered to be Jumaa (Friday) and so the
>     first day of the week is usually noted to be Saturday and so I think
>     Saturday (Sabet) should be first column on the left.

   I have to check that question deeper, as i've heard that it's possible to 
configure any day as first (in korganizer or in kde). If it weren't possible, 
i would change the code to correct it.... But checking how hdate package 
resolves it, doing hcal, it shows Ahd as first day... Could you confirm that 

>  3. In order for this to really be "Arabic friendly" all those dates
>     should be written in Arabic; I'm not sure if this is a localization
>     issue or what, but it reads a bit hard with english abbreviations
>     since I've never seen those before :-)  To get those strings
>     translated will take approx. 5-10 minutes by someone on this list
>     since there are so many high powered translators here.  Are there
>     associated .pot files with this application ?

   I'm afraid it's not possible yet, as kcalendarsystemhijri (the new library) 
hasn't i18n support. If anyone liked to fix it... Otherwise,  i'll implement 
that in brief ;)

> Suggestions:
>  a. I didn't see a "year" view; that would be helpful

  It doesn't exist in korganizer. I agree it would be nice...

>  b. I'm not sure if this is possible, but it would be also useful to
>     be able to see both Hijri and Gregorian on the same calendar as
>     an option (Gregorian in english/latin text and the Hijri in Arabic
>     text).  Reason for this suggestion is there are times when one
>     wants to references dates to ensure proximity of things or to tell
>     someone something (who's not familiar with Hijri) and so at a minimum
>     the month view should give the user that option.  Most paper/cardboard
>     calendars I've seen nowadays do that.

  I really like to see that ;) . I had planed it for future. It could be 
easily  implemented as a korganizer plugin (similar to holidays). But, for 
the moment, i think that the first milestone might be complete the basic 
support in all korganizer features (events, etc...), and follow with 
conversions then... One problem about those solutions is that many times the 
calendar is really confusing, becouse of all those 22/12 23/14 ... dates. Do 
you know another 'better displaying' solution? If not, that could be the only 

> Question:
>  i. once an entry is entered using the Hijri calendar, can one easily
>     click on something to see that same entry in its equivalent
>     Gregorian representation (I sure hope so :-) ?  Just curious.

  It's neither supported yet ;) . A good solution must be found... For 
example, an implementation could be another plugin that showed gregorian date 
just under the hijri date in the top dark grey band. In  the first 
screenshot, eg. just under Arb 12, we could put 
		  		      Wed 21. What do you think? Or any other way...?

Thanks again ;)