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Re: i18n date in kde (korganizer)

On Mon, 19 Aug 2002 18:21:55 +0200,
  "Amin Moro" <cfmoro correo uniovi es> wrote:
> I'm new in the list, my name is Amin. Firstly, excuses for repetition of this
> message (appeared some days ago in general list), i didn't realise in that 
> moment that there existed this specific list.

Welcome aboard !!

> I'd like to present a work currently under develop in korganizer. It's main 
> purpose is different calendar support. Most of the framework to be able to 
> support this is already done (kcalendarsystem library). The idea is convert 
> Qt's date (that are gregorian)  to the choosen caledar, for example, hijri 
> calendar, in all displaying stuff (month names, dates, etc...). At the 
> moment, hijri and gregorian calendars are supported. I've used routines in 
> hdate package, based on Waleed A. M. It would be very appreciated any 
> feedback (i don't know enough about arabic, so i'm afraid the code could 
> contain any mistakes...) ideas, opinions, sugestions and, of course, code 
> contributions and patches.

Unfortunately, I'm not a KDE user, but I'm certain some of our many KDE
hardcore translators and users will leap at this rather simple testing
opportunity.  Any takers on getting some feedback to Amin ?  This is the
_least_ we can do after all !!

> Status of the work:
>  -gregorian (kcalendarsystemgregorian) and hijri (kcalendarsystemhijri) 
>   calendar routines mostly complete. They can be used for any other projects,
>   of course.

It really would be ideal to get some feedback before calling it complete,
but I think you've done your part and its upto us to verify its content,
etc :-)  Again, any volunteers ???

>  -korganizer: date navigator (the calendar 'widget' on the left), day, 
>   work week, week, next x and month views finished. Now work begins with
>   event stuff. To check this, you can download last cvs kdepim code and put
>   and entry in korganizerrc, in [Genera] section, as follows:
>   CalendarSystem=hijri
>  -kdelibs: support in kdatepicker ready. This modified version will be 
>   used for date selection of events in korganizer events. The original, in 
>   kdelibs, doesn't support this.
>  -future?: when calendarsystem and hijri libraries would be mature and used 
>   enough, maybe it could be proposed to kdelibs, so i18n of date stuff in
>   kde could be widely developed.
> Do you find this kind of i18n useful? Really, any contribution (ideas, 
> feedback, code...) will be very appreciated.

This is wonderful work and we thank you deeply for your interest and code.
Its not often that people venture on a limb these days -- so our deepest
gratitude for your work and the info.  One quick suggestion (and this
shouldn't and won't, I hope, stop people from doing the actual testing),
is there any way to post some screenshots on a website somewhere for us
(none KDEers - not due to preference, but system resource limitations, etc)
to view and comment on ?  It might be overwhelming to email it to the list
and so it would be wonderful if the various screenshots could be uploaded
somewhere for a speedier response.

One other quickie question, the code in mention - is it slated to be
included in upcoming KDE releases ?  Has it been accepted into KDE's
root code trunk ?

Thanks again, keep up the great effort/work & welcome aboard.

 - Nadim

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