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About date i18n in kde (korganizer, at the moment)


	I'm new in the list, my name is Amin. Firstly, excuses for repetition of this 
message (appeared some days ago in general list), i didn't realise in that 
moment that there existed this specific list.

	I'd like to present a work currently under develop in korganizer. It's main 
purpose is different calendar support. Most of the framework to be able to 
support this is already done (kcalendarsystem library). The idea is convert 
Qt's date (that are gregorian)  to the choosen caledar, for example, hijri 
calendar, in all displaying stuff (month names, dates, etc...). At the 
moment, hijri and gregorian calendars are supported. I've used routines in 
hdate package, based on Waleed A. M. It would be very appreciated any 
feedback (i don't know enough about arabic, so i'm afraid the code could 
contain any mistakes...) ideas, opinions, sugestions and, of course, code 
contributions and patches.

	Status of the work:
		-gregorian (kcalendarsystemgregorian) and hijri (kcalendarsystemhijri) 
calendar routines mostly complete. They can be used for any other projects, 
of course.
	        -korganizer: date navigator (the calendar 'widget' on the left), day, 
work week, week, next x and month views finished. Now work begins with event 
stuff. To check this, you can download last cvs kdepim code and put and entry 
in korganizerrc, in [Genera] section, as follows: CalendarSystem=hijri
	        -kdelibs: support in kdatepicker ready. This modified version will be 
used for date selection of events in korganizer events. The original, in 
kdelibs, doesn't support this.
		-future?: when calendarsystem and hijri libraries would be mature and used 
enough, maybe it could be proposed to kdelibs, so i18n of date stuff in kde 
could be widely developed.

	Do you find this kind of i18n useful? Really, any contribution (ideas, 
feedback, code...) will be very appreciated.

		Best regards

				Amin Fernandez Moro
				cfmoro at correo dot uniovi dot es