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What's Next on KDE? and on Gnome?

Salam All ..
  Mohammed Aser I am not sure that you are in the doc list, if not please join 
it :-)
Now .. Translators got until May 4th to work in KDE if they want thier 
translation to be included with KDE 3.0.1 which will be coming in mid May.
I would like to mention what not to bother to translate in KDE as it will 
either not be sent or there is more important modules :
- do not bother translating in the docs, the doc translation is different from 
GUI translation, and can only come after the GUI translation is 100% complete 
and is tested in terms of consistency and spelling and so.
- do not spend much time in kdegames, kdetoys, kdenonbeta, or others, as there 
is some very important modules such as : kdeutils, koffice, kdenetwork and 
- please no need to translate kdeedu with all it's modules, most of the 
applications there have probelms with intenationalization, for example 
kletters is only for English letters, khangman and kmessedwords does support 
i18n in thier dictionaries .. so leave kdeedu to more important modules until 
kdeedu is i18n meture .. a good i18n friendly app in kdeedu is kstars .. 
working on it is of benifit to everyone.

About Gnome .. After 5th of may I hope that all trasnlators effort will be 
concetrated on Gnome, although we may need at least one dedicated translator 
to stay with koffice, as the koffice release will be coming on july, and we 
want to make sure that the koffice 1.2 would be including a 100% complete 
Arabic interface, tested and checked.

Remember the dates:
- May 4th last day to commit for KDE 3.0.1
- May 5th we all move to Gnome to get it done.

You all take care .. please have a look at:
and see when you last made a commit ! you may be surprised to know that last 
time you commited was 3-4 months ago ! wake up, pickup your keyboard and 
dictionary :-) and start translating ..

Isam Bayazidi
Amman - Jordan
 Think Linux + Think Arabic = Think www.arabeyes.org